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Nuvola for hotel task management and guest engagement

Smooth hotel operations and great guest experiences can be a challenge without the right tools. Nuvola™ is a task management and guest engagement platform built by hoteliers who deeply understand the daily challenges of operating hotels. With the Nuvola solution from Sabre Hospitality, you can Go Beyond by connecting teams and elevating service all at once.

Discover how Nuvola™ is transforming hospitality

Nuvola offers an intuitive platform, robust selection of modules, and clear view of all hotel activities to help hotels of every size streamline operations and delight guests.

Built to optimize operations and enhance guest experiences

Hotel operations technology plays a critical role in connecting departments, improving communication, and ensuring tasks are addressed quickly. While most guest preferences are communicated through notes in the property management system (PMS), these can be easily overlooked and may not account for interdepartmental communication. As a result, hotel staff can’t see gaps in service or understand why guests are unhappy.

Nuvola is an intuitive, cloud-based task management and guest engagement solution made up of powerful modules designed to improve guest experience and operations. With the Nuvola solution’s comprehensive reports and real-time status updates and alerts, general managers can easily track productivity and ensure great service.

Front of house

The Task Management, Packages, Lost & Found, and Concierge modules empower employees to get their jobs done well by properly documenting and keeping track of all customer touchpoints. These modules give hotels a competitive advantage in the tight hospitality labor market by automating notifications and assignments of guest requests.

Back of house

The Tickets, Pass On, Glitch, Maintenance, Housekeeping, and Inspections modules allow you to easily view activity across operations, improve communication across departments, take a proactive approach to upkeeping facilities, and quickly resolve guest requests.

Guest engagement

The Guest Chat, Angel Guest Web-App, and Guest Surveys modules allow guests to communicate with staff when and how they prefer, reducing calls to the front desk and empowering guests to make requests or give feedback with intuitive self-service options.

PMS integration

The Nuvola solution integrates with most major PMSs, receiving real-time reservation data and facilitating smooth guest experiences. Nuvola also supports two-way integrations to send Housekeeping status to the PMS.

Go Beyond manual hotel task management with Nuvola™

Nuvola is part of the new frontier in hotel operations. By connecting teams, tasks, and guests on a single intuitive platform, Nuvola keeps staff in sync, promotes accountability, and enhances the guest journey throughout their stay. Employees are empowered to do their jobs more efficiently and enjoyably, while guests receive prompt and proactive service, strengthening daily hotel operations and creating experiences that keep guests coming back.

Connect teams, tasks, and guests on a single platform and gain the 360-degree view of operations needed to ensure consistency and quality stays. Manage your property with confidence and ensure your staff is delivering the service you expect.

Leverage intuitive technology created by former hoteliers who have a deep understanding of your daily challenges. Strengthen daily hotel operations and boost satisfaction scores by anticipating guests’ needs and reacting promptly.

Easily assign and track tasks between front-of-house and back-of-house teams with a wide range of modules. Improve visibility and communication across departments and assign and track tasks on a single, intuitive platform.

Elevate service with Nuvola™


Of customers agree that the Nuvola solution is easy to use


Of customers agree it is easy to train staff on Nuvola


Say that the Tickets Module allows them to better manage guest requests and provide a quicker turnaround


Say Nuvola has helped their hotel reduce average resolution time for guests and service requests

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