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SynXis® Property Hub

Managing day-to-day operations with complex hotel property management systems (PMSs) can create inefficiencies and leave little time for what matters most—your guests. SynXis Property Hub helps you Go Beyond, driving efficiency and simplifying property management so your staff can focus on meaningful tasks and interactions.

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Access your property from anywhere, offer mobile check-in and check-out, and support group management with SynXis Property Hub—the hotel operations software that lets your staff work efficiently and accurately by leveraging the central reservation system (CRS).

Hospitality PMS software built for better experiences

Traditional property management systems can be clunky and don’t always offer the best user experience for onboarding new staff—especially for limited-service hotels. Without an integrated hotel management software that is connected to the CRS, hoteliers also lack a single system of record for rates, reservations, and guest profiles. SynXis® Property Hub from Sabre Hospitality offers a streamlined, cloud-native hotel property management solution to assist limited-service hotels with daily operations including reservation and folio management, accounting, housekeeping, and reporting.

Intuitive design

Reduce the time to execute routine tasks and accelerate employee training from weeks to days. From attending to guests to updating room statuses or managing room rates and inventory, empower staff to learn faster and be more efficient with user-friendly workflows.

Cloud-native technology

Access your property from anywhere and manage on-the-go with a tablet-compatible interface. Quickly and securely access profile information and key business metrics. Track daily property activity and quickly execute routine tasks on an intuitive dashboard.

Integrates with CRS

Optimize revenue by leveraging the CRS as a single system of record for rates, reservations, and guest profiles. Eliminate data discrepancies and sync content, rates, and availability. Prevent overbookings by ensuring data is up-to-date and consistent with the CRS.

Scales with demand

Integrate with existing hardware and technology and expand through APIs. Scale securely and protect guests with role-based security. Grow with a wide selection of vendors from the Sabre partner ecosystem, building the technology you need to do more.

Go Beyond regular hotel property management systems

With intuitive tools that enable innovative, simple, and efficient hotel operations, hoteliers can reduce time on routine tasks, focus their attention on guests, and provide meaningful interactions that keep them coming back.

Leave behind complex systems for managing day-to-day operations and give staff more time for meaningful guest interactions. Simplify property management with a cloud-native PMS designed to support limited-service hotels with daily operations. Empower staff to complete routine tasks faster with intuitive workloads and increase overall operational efficiency.

SynXis Property Hub is integrated with the SynXis® Central Reservation System, letting you work confidently with a single system of record for rates, reservations, and guest profiles. Keep sensitive data secure with end-to-end tokenization and leading payment gateways, and maintain brand consistency across your properties with chain-level configuration in your property management system.

Easily support group bookings with SynXis Property Hub’s features, which allow you to efficiently create and modify group blocks, provide group sales guidelines, and set a group as tax exempt.

Simplicity makes SynXis® Property Hub stand out


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Instead of weeks needed to train staff due to the product’s intuitive design

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