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SynXis® Retailing

Consumers expect smooth, personalized experiences when they shop — and booking a hotel stay is no exception. SynXis® Retailing gives hotels the opportunity to seamlessly sell, with or without a room. Go Beyond booking rooms with a comprehensive retail management platform designed to enable choice and accelerate revenue.

 Hospitality retail technology designed to drive more value

Personalization is the new standard, and travel brands are being pushed to deliver the same caliber of experiences as non-travel brands. Every property has something special to offer, but hoteliers need the right tools to capitalize on opportunities while delivering tailored experiences, elevating their brand, and capturing additional revenue. Sabre Hospitality’s SynXis Retailing is a retail management platform that brings the full power of retailing to hospitality. The platform enables hoteliers to drive total revenue by selling their unique offerings during any stage of the guest journey.

Enhanced Content Management

Empower your content management with enhanced capabilities. Craft seasonal content and upload multiple images to engage your audience effectively.

Enables selling in the booking flow

Make purchasing easy during the booking flow and beyond. Retail anything including policies, goods, services, and experiences via direct channels.

Supports a comprehensive set of offers

Expand your retail offering to include room-centric offers and non-room-centric offers. Empower guests to choose what they value.

Offers a powerful recommendation engine

Use machine learning to identify personalized product recommendations for different customer segments, optimizing presentation for maximum conversion.

Go Beyond selling rooms and stays

Hospitality is about more than just a stay. It’s about creating memories that remind guests why they travel. With SynXis Retailing, you can transform from filling rooms to creating memorable experiences for guests and value for the business. Instead of focusing on occupancy and average daily rate (ADR), you can focus on total revenue per guest. And when everything is an attribute, the opportunities are endless.

Use predictive analytics powered by machine learning to offer curated experiences such as off-property excursions, merchandise, and more. Identify the best products for customer segments and drive higher conversion rates by empowering guests to choose and purchase what they value most.

Sell virtually anything, including experiences, merchandise, policies, spaces, and other attributes. Manage both room and non-room offerings through a singular attribute-based model and increase ancillary revenue up to 7x by offering personalized choices at the time of booking.

Seamlessly integrate add-ons into the booking flow and pull new levers to create additional value for your property and guests. Delight consumers with the personalized experiences they’ve come to expect and deliver memorable stays that remind guests why they travel in the first place.

Set up marketable offers unique to your brand and create additional value for your property and guests. Differentiate yourself while creating a memorable brand experience, keeping up with the competition, and staying ahead of rapid changes in the industry.

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Up to 7x

Revenue increase compared to the previous year for early adopters


Of users were “very satisfied” with the experience of booking add-ons


Users were more successful in booking add-ons with SynXis Retailing


Faster for users to find what they were looking for with an intuitive layout

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