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Call Center Services

When potential guests call your hotel’s reservation line, they expect quick assistance from expert agents. But the more time your staff spend on the phone, the less time they have to focus on current guests. Sabre’s Call Center Services for hotels offers the team and technology you need to Go Beyond by expanding your sales force and increasing conversion.

Flexible call center support for hotels

Staffing for reservation calls can be inefficient and expensive for hoteliers. On-property agents have other tasks to manage throughout the day, and hiring more team members isn’t always the best option. That’s why Sabre Hospitality offers call center outsourcing for hotels. Our Call Center Services are designed to meet the needs of any hotel property or chain. Skilled associates act as an extension of your sales force, using industry-leading reservation technology to guide conversations, improve conversions, and boost revenue per reservation.

World-class technology

Call center agents use SynXis® Voice Agent, a web-based reservation software that integrates with the SynXis® Central Reservation System, to deliver full-service hotel booking support, boost call efficiency, and create great guest experiences.

Experienced agents

It’s tough to staff for seasonality and hire and train seasonal team members. With Call Center Services, you can choose to only use our agents for a few months or during peak seasons without having to contract for a full year.

Flexible options

We understand that every property has unique requirements. With Sabre’s Call Center Services for hotels, you can choose from overflow, after-hours, and in-house support, and flex depending on your needs.

Add-on options

Choose from multiple service tiers, including a post-call survey add-on. Callers receive a short survey about the service provided, and you receive a report every month to ensure your call center support is delivering the service you expect.

Go Beyond basic hotel booking support

Sabre’s Call Center Services for hotels combines team and technology to optimize revenue for your hotel. By following your unique brand standards and using our intuitive technology to guide conversations, Call Center Services agents are empowered to create meaningful guest interactions that convert callers into guests, and guests into brand enthusiasts.

Leverage skilled associates as an extension of your sales force to improve conversions and revenue per reservation. Sabre’s Call Center Services agents support over 2 million calls annually, acting as brand advocates and emphasizing the unique qualities of your property to guide conversations and provide great service.

Serve the needs of customers worldwide with call center locations in the United States, Germany, and Singapore, as well as support in nine languages. Support guests when and how they prefer with 24/7 coverage across various touchpoints including call back and email.

Ensure that calls are answered promptly, reducing wait time and abandon rate. Turn every call into an opportunity for a positive impression, driving higher satisfaction and lifelong guest loyalty.

Reduce the overhead associated with agent turnover and scale with seasonality. Choose from various service levels including full call service, overflow, or after hours to best meet your requirements. Entrust calls to hospitality experts and only pay for what you need.

Efficient and effective call center support for hotels


Calls supported by Sabre’s Call Center Services annually


Of calls answered within 20 seconds


Score from mystery shoppers—above the industry average

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