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Retailing Insights

Simplify your digital marketing reporting

SynXis Retailing Insights allows you to simplify your reporting and easily understand the true conversion of your digital marketing initiatives. Gain insights into your historical performance, customized competitive sets, and industry benchmark data with a solution that enables seamless integration to your booking engine so you can begin collecting and analyzing data immediately.

SynXis Retailing Insights

With Retailing Insights, you have access to rich market insights and targeted re-marketing campaigns, which enable you to truly harness the power of your data.

Robust reporting platform specific to hospitality industry

Turnkey integration into your booking engine combined with hotel-centric key performance indicators.

Automatically send stay intent data to Google AdWords

Go beyond monitoring and measuring digital marketing campaigns by connecting Pace Report data directly to Google AdWords so you can gain actionable insights for use in highly targeted Retargeting campaigns.

Customized competitive sets and benchmarking capabilities

Gain actionable market insight by creating customized competitive sets based off of a variety of hotel-centric metrics.

Key strategic reports

From how long guests are taking to book to how well your Facebook widget is performing, you can find all of the data you need to increase conversions in your booking engine.

Useable behavioral data

Increase the focus of your remarketing and target ads with shopping behaviors and stay intent information sent directly from Retailing Insights to your AdWords account. Retailing Insights is the only tool with this innovative capability.

More granular and segmented marketing campaigns are now within your grasp. Think what this kind of focus can do to your returns-on-investment.

User experience

The seamless user experience separates Retailing Insights from its competitors. Advanced reporting with heat map technology means you are able to see complex booking data visualized in an easy to understand format.

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