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Performance Studio

Capturing and measuring information about reservations, revenue, and overall business performance can be difficult for hoteliers when data is only available in separate systems and hard-to-read formats. Performance Studio aims to streamline this by giving you a space to access and analyze your SynXis® data. Go Beyond the restrictions of traditional data management tools and easily perform SynXis® data analysis to understand your business and drive better performance.

Go Beyond disconnected and buried data

Data is key to accurately measuring hotel performance and making better decisions in the future. But data is often disconnected and unreadable by anyone but data scientists, making it difficult for hoteliers to gather helpful insights. Performance Studio is a space that enables true data-driven decision making. By giving you a centralized place to perform hotel performance analysis and displaying booking data analytics in easy-to-read formats, Performance Studio helps you visualize data and gain better insights—no matter your background or role.

Gain visibility

Improve data visibility and utility with a single tool for SynXis data analysis. Gain in-depth insights to understand your business performance, simplify decision making, and optimize your distribution strategy.

Boost revenue

Evaluate the booking behaviors of today and drive better distribution decisions tomorrow with powerful booking data analytics. Identify revenue leakages and gain meaningful insights to evaluate revenue-generating strategies.

Simplify decision making

With a holistic view of SynXis reservation data, near real-time updates, and ready-made visuals, you can perform more efficient and effective hotel performance analytics and become a truly data-driven business.

Performance Studio tools to access and analyze key data

Performance Studio currently consists of SynXis Insights—a product designed to help hoteliers conduct SynXis® data analysis and drive more growth.

SynXis® Insights – Coming soon!

Visualize data and gain deeper insights

SynXis Insights lets you drive better business decisions with data. With a holistic view of reservation data, revenue, and business performance, you can gain meaningful insights and optimize your distribution strategy based on behavior. SynXis Insights delivers near-real-time updates and ready-made visuals to help you get the most from your data with the least amount of effort. Built on the Google Cloud, it also offers the reliability, efficiency, and security that hoteliers need from their hotel performance analysis tools.

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