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Channel Connect

Vantage Hospitality

Vantage Saw a 130% Increase In Revenue After Switching from an Extranet to SynXis Central Reservations for Centralized Distribution

Vantage Hospitality is an award winning, trend setting brand with properties in the budget to upscale hotel markets. Their fast growing international brand offers hotel owners the resources of a franchise but with the freedom to operate their own business.

The Problem

In the past, Vantage has used an extranet connection to Expedia which taxed their ability to have a successful revenue management strategy. They found themselves in a labor intensive, inefficient situation without the ability to correctly manage rates and inventory, among others. The tangible issues the extranet connection caused included:
  • Inaccurate or out of parity rates
  • Inaccurate or limited inventory
  • Inability to apply central brand promotions
Managing the extranet connection was labor intensive for Vantage properties and caused operational efficiency roadblocks. Without adequate reporting and the ability to troubleshoot issues, the team was often left in the dark about status of inventory and reservations. The properties manually updated rates, inventory and restrictions and loaded all reservations in the PMS without any centralized reporting of distribution channels.

The Solution

After working with their Sabre Hospitality Solutions account team, Vantage Hospitality decided to migrate all properties to direct connect to Expedia. 300 properties previously used extranet.

The Results

Within one year on the Expedia direct connect, Vantage Hospitality saw an incredibly 130% increase in reservations for the 300 properties previously using extranet. The hotel group also saw an increase in property personnel efficiency and improved customer service. With the ability to centrally manage revenue strategies, Vantage was able to glean valuable insights, such as: hotel guests prefer the choice to pay at the time of booking or to pay upon arrival at the hotel. The direct connect to Expedia created countless benefits for Vantage and the relationship with Sabre Hospitality Solutions has only become stronger. What Vantage Had to Say:
“Switching our Expedia extranet connection to a Channel Connect with Sabre Hospitality Solutions for 300 hotels resulted in a 130% reservation increase. With the ability to maintain a central revenue management strategy we’ve seen an increase in revenue and operational efficiency; and how have higher confidence in the level of service and support we receive.” John Burkard VP Distribution & Technology
For more information about Sabre Hospitality Solutions, please contact your account manager.

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