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Emergency Support with Sabre Call Center Services

Denihan Hospitality | Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

When customers pick up the phone and call your property, they expect a high level of customer service and a quick response to their inquiries. Sabre Hospitality Solutions’ skilled associates act as an extension of your sales force, emphasizing the unique qualities of your property. Our staff members are driven to improve your conversion rates and increase revenue per reservation. Used by some of the most discerning brands, our global call centers offer professional, multi-lingual agents, 24/7 availability, and services such as call volume forecasting to help improve profitability for a single property or a large chain. Our call centers use our own technology, SynXis Voice Agent, powered by the SynXis Enterprise Platform, for a seamless interface with the CRS. Rates, availability, and content are managed in the same control center as your other channels for a simplified distribution approach. Not only do we provide world-class service to our customers, but our most amazing moments occur when customers least expect great service.

Denihan Hospitality

On October 29, 2012, the northeastern United States was hit by a very destructive storm – Hurricane Sandy. Flooding and damage caused technology, telecom and power outages and left Denihan’s call center staff unable to reach the office. At that time, Denihan Hospitality Group managed their own call center in their offices on Fifth Avenue in New York while Sabre supported after hours and overflow. Within a two-hour window, Sabre’s Call Center team had implemented routing changes allowing Denihan to forward all of their calls to two of Sabre’s call center locations. Due to the large call volume, Sabre elected to split the calls over two of our English-speaking 24×7 locations to help keep up with demand. Not all of the agents had supported Denihan calls prior to this event, so most of the team was using the very extensive information contained in Sabre’s SynXis Voice Agent call center software along with the property websites to ensure they were able to provide a high level of support to Denihan’s customers. Sabre continued this support throughout the week until the team at Denihan was able to reinstate their full call center operation. Sabre’s ability to not only quickly respond, but to have two different 24×7 call center locations to help support such an increase in call volume demonstrates great flexibility in within a global operation.

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

“… With massive power outages due to Hurricane Arthur, Sabre Hospitality was absolutely amazing to take our calls.”
On July 5, 2014, Hurricane Arthur tore through eastern Canada, causing a full outage for the Kimpton call center operation. Kimpton uses SynXis Voice Agent in combination with a third-party call center service. The Voice channel is one of the top-producing channels for Kimpton, and with this full outage, no calls were being answered. Kimpton reached out to their Sabre Hospitality account manager asking for help. Sabre had never supported Kimpton’s call center services before, so there were no phone lines or processes in place. Within three hours, Sabre was able to provide Kimpton with a new toll free number to post on their website for reservation inquiries. The phone number was routed to the Southlake call center for English 24×7 support. Agents used the information in the SynXis Voice Agent tool along with the Kimpton website to provide service. The team in Southlake supported the calls for Kimpton throughout the weekend while they worked on restoring connectivity at their call center in eastern Canada. Sabre’s ability to respond helped minimize the revenue and customer service impacts Kimpton felt as a result of this disaster. Learn more about how Sabre’s Call Center Services can help you serve your customers. Contact a Sabre account manager today

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